Thursday, 11 June 2009


Last night saw me rushing round to a couple of residents meeting. The first being the Swinley Residents Group that are organising a community safety day in July. This will be at Penson Street Centre and it seems the group have got a lot going on with a climbing wall and the Rock bus coming with face painting too. It is good that they are doing this whilst trying to get more people involved with themselves also promoting community awareness on safety. Go along and have a look.

Secondly it was over to the weekly Mesnes Conservation Group that was talking about the Mesnes Park restoration that the Leisure trust are trying to do. Whats seems odd to me is why the Council and Leisure trust do not be more open and want to work with people. They always seem to be we are right you are wrong go away attitude. I am working for this to change and will continue to support the group and residents on this matter.

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