Friday, 5 June 2009

Partial Victory on Cycle Lanes

At Wednesday Night's Environment Committee the issue of bike lanes came up and how the Council wanted to do more of them. I raised the issue about how when I was on my bike the other day riding down Wigan Lane when you get to the Cherry Garden the cycle lane goes on to the pavement and then goes back on to the road later down. I said this was ridiculous. When I was at school the police came in and did a cycling course. That informed us how we should ride and they set basic test.

I was supported by a number of other Councillors and as a result the Director of that Dept said he would get involved personally and re look at all lanes with the issue of taking the cycling Lanes of the pavement.

I also raised that with more and more cycle lanes the actual roads are getting narrower, which in my opinion creates more of a hazards.

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