Monday, 8 June 2009

Junction need looking at

Many drivers will know that more roads are needed to be built. Standish, Shevington, Orrell and Wigan all suffer because drivers cannot get where they want to be. Drivers going to Wigan coming from the North come of at Junction 27 and travel through Standish and Shevington. The roads cannot cope. The same can be said coming from the south and theycome off at junction 26 and travel through Orrell and Pemberton.

One major road that needs to be look at is either a new junction between Junction 27 and Junction 26. This could run behind Heinz factory and come out at Martland Mill. This would ease lorry's of local roads and get them to the industrial units quicker. It would also benefit the football and rugby teams as the supporters will come off there too and again ease local roads including Saddle Junction.

Also a major headache is coming of the Junction south bound on the M6 to go onto the M58. There is often miles of queues for this and if a new junction is made a sweeping slip road could be made too to run straight from the M6 to the M58. Again easing roads.

All this investment would bring more business into Wigan and help and it would help the environment as cars and lorry's would not be sitting there with their cars in idle gear.

We have refer this to the Council and will continue to fight for this as the benefits to Wigan are massive.

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