Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Alley Way needs to closed off

Last year Wigan Council drug unit was re located to the Coops buildings at Dorning Street, Wigan. As part of the deal Wigan Council was going to ask the owners of the BT building to put a new fence round the BT building and also have a CCTV camera at the corner of Dorning street to view the Coops building but also could view the street down to the alley way that leads to Spring Gardens. This alley has caused a number of problems over the years for local residents. The issue is it is not a proper alley the land is owned by the owners of the BT building and can fence it off very easily. But have not.

The alley way is suffering from people doing drugs and drink and is close to the Deanery High School. I have contacted the Council to get this resolved and they have written to the owners to get this resolved. I am waiting their response but this needs to be resolved sooner rather than later to make sure we resolve the anti social behaviour in this alley way.

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