Friday, 26 June 2009

Planning Committee a joke?

Whilst discussing the meeting of the planning committee with the mesnes conservation action group a common theme was coming through that they all seem to think that the Labour members had dicided the out come before they even got to the meeting.

In the morning they had been to see the mesnes park on a site visit. Whilst the officers of the Council was explaining the application and where things were some of the Labour Councillors just went off on a walk about with out listening to the points. How could they come to an informed decision.

Next the controversial decision that husband and wife duo Labour Councillor Paul and Jeanette Prescott sit on the committee together. Whilst members of the opposition wanted to speak Cllr Jeanette Prescott said move to the vote and then Paul did without the members of the opposition being able to speak. Was this a planned decision?

The Mesnes Area Conservation Action Group members that attended that Wigan Independent Councillor George Fairhurst asked some very questions and was the only one that moved to reject the application.

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