Thursday, 4 March 2010

Budget Night

At last night Full Council the next year's budget was discussed and voted on. The rise is small say Labour but this is due to a special deal the Council did with the Government for extra help. Call me a cynic but this is an election year.

The Tories said that they would cut the tax but did not say where or give suggestions neither. I guess we can all say we will cut but unless we say how and where will people believe or trust them.

For myself I voted against the Council Tax rise and said they could get rid of borough life magazine that costs £140 000 a year. This is done by a printer outside of Wigan. The media team as a budget of nearly £800 000 do we really need a press office that size. Also in the Council has 71 position that pay over £50 000 .

Also stop ALL FREE FOOD AND DRINK TO COUNCILLORS and also get rid of Townships this will also save money.

These are just the start of what I believe should happen.

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