Sunday, 22 November 2015

Labour split on the defence of UK

I will do a blog post for the week that was, been a busy old week. However, one thing that is important and more of a National issue rather than a local issue. The issue is what should we do about ISIL?

We all saw the appalling and horrific attacks in Paris last week and no one wants to see that again, especially in the UK. So we need to take action. We know that ISIL are held up in Syria and I wrote about this in back in 2013. Here is that link to that post.

I was in favour of the war in Afgan but not Iraq and I always said as we can see that we had to go to war in Syria but the Labour Leader does not want to go to war, well in truth no one does, but when there is a crisis like ISIL you have to take them out and not talk to them like Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn wants. The Prime Minister wants parliament to vote to allow bombing in Syria. In fact I worry that it will end up as troops of some kind go int too.

But Labour will vote against the idea of bombing in Syria keeping us vulnerable to attacks by them and innocent people dying. I firmly believe now the Country is in favour of bombing ISIL but Labour are letting our national defence down and putting lives at risk.

This just shows how weak Labour are at tough decisions and would be a national security issue if they were in power.

The whole house of commons should back the vote to go in and get rid ISIL once and for all. They should also look at what happens after the war so a void is not left so some other vile organisation moves in. Plus the immigration would ease if Syria was stable as people would stay and also go back to the Country they say they want to live in.

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