Sunday, 13 March 2016

The week that ended.....12 March '16

So here we are again. The week start from were we last week and my trolls saying that the Haigh Hall story here was not true. If I didn't believe it or think it was true I wouldn't have written it.

Then I released details that we are working with the Council to get 2 pieces of land cleaned up and improved in Standish. Here is the story for that.

It was sad news to hear that George Martin, the producer for the Beatles dies. When you listen to your favourite songs and bands think about the people like the engineer and producers that make the music sound so great.

Also this week Parliament voted not to extend opening hours for Sunday Trading, which I welcome. It wasn't that long ago that shops closed early on a Wednesday for half day and all only retail shops opened on a Saturday. Then Wednesday became open like normal days but Sundays were, if you worked in a factory, you got double time and for a Saturday's it was time and a half. Now work forces are treated like Saturday and Sunday are normal days and they get the same pay as a week day.

A few years ago I was rushed into Hospital and 3 days on the trot I was told to go home as it was just one thing or another. The third day though I was admitted and after 3 days in hospital I was discharged with all is OK. I knew it wasn't and I knew they just wanted my bed as new people were coming in all the time. After 24 hours the pain I was suffering was so bad I was rushed back in. I was then in such a bad way the consultant told me I was having an emergency operation. I had a 6 hours operation and it was found I was just days away from death.

I was then in hospital for months. But what I saw was the amount of people that were discharged from hospital that were not fit to be released but they need the beds. Then within 24 hours they would be back in. I wondered how much this was costing.

I have found out that Wigan is the the worst in the north West for discharging unfit people and the cost for people to be readmitted, after they had been discharged, is over £2,000. If the NHS needs to save money this area needs to be addressed and then they will save money, people will only be discharged when they fit and well. I understand that it is not as simple as not release people because they need the beds. The answer is a hard and complicate situation and getting the balance right is hard for the NHS but this is one area that needs to be worked at.

We have the Government budget coming up this week so it will be interesting to see if it is a give or take Budget.

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