Sunday, 28 February 2016

Has it begun?

So after the Ashfield debate the Council said that they would make all of it part of the historic gardens and that they would not be selling any, that's right - any, of it off for building.

A resident of Pilgrims Way contacted us a few weeks ago and asked us to get involved with getting the footpaths at the back of Ashfield sorted, these lead down to the railway line.

Anyway as we went through the process the Council wrote to the resident and myself saying that they will repair some of the footpaths but the land was no longer part of Ashfield and now called Fairhurst Lane Reclamation Site. Also this part of the land was now transferred over to the Planning Depts ownership. The front part of Ashfield is still under Leisure and open spaces.

Here is a clip that I did last week about it.

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