Sunday, 21 February 2016

The week that ended.....21 Feb '16

So we are getting close to the end of February and March will soon be here. March is also the start of elections but this year seems that the opposition have started early. Whilst I have no doubt that they are trying to draw me into election fever, this wouldn't happen as there is still lots to do. Elections will soon be here and then that is the time to do elections.

One thing is the disgusting comments that I have learnt about that the Tory camp are making about my mum and the seriously ill condition she has. We had heard some comments but this week I took a call from a lady that was disgusted at what they had said. She had even agreed to help them with leaflets but after seeing their leaflet and the comments they made she is refusing to do anything for them and has now said that she will help myself, which I am grateful for. If anyone else has heard these comments please let me know. He threatens me with a solicitor letter for denying this and I look forward getting that letter as I have the evidence. I wonder what the Tory Party thinks of someone like this? Maybe interesting to find out.

For me anyone that has Cancer, and also their families, have my thoughts and prays. It's a disgusting illness that hurts so many. The sooner we can get a cure the better.

This week has been a quiet one. I attended a Committee meeting in the Town Hall and nothing was said. To be fair, whilst cordial, it would have probably been better to cancel it as there wasn't much to discuss.

We also learnt that the council have blocked my motion that I had put forward about asking the Government to change the law to allow Council to recover monies that have been paid to a Cllr who has moved away from the area and done nothing for the last 6 months. We have had a few examples of this. Two Lib Dems emigrated to Australia a few years ago. Under the current legislation a Cllr will still get their allowance for a period of 6 months. After that time the Council can remove them and call a by-election. My thought is when like the lib dems example this has happened then council's should be able to recover their money. Also I found out about a Labour Cllr Joy Birch did the same thing and when I exposed her on this blog for moving in with a new partner in Ireland then she quickly resigned, the day after. This lady is now back in Wigan and standing for Labour in Orrell. I guess they will decide if this is the kind of person they want to represent them. the thing is I hear she married the Gentleman that she went to live with, congrats to them for that, but she will try to fool the electorate by using her married name so people won't put her with the scandal that erupted when she took the money for 6 months whilst living in Ireland. I was talking to an ex Conservative Cllr for Wigan a few weeks ago, who lived near her, and she was telling me of her disgust at what she did.

I have a busy day today. I will be filming down at Ashfield as there is an interesting new development on some land down there. I will of course put the footage up here.

Also for a number of years when I was younger I played with the award winning Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra. So later I will be going back in to the Studio to record a track with them. Very exciting but yet nervous, been a few years so let's see how it turns out.

Also the Prime Minister has said that he has got the UK a great deal for staying in the EU and now we will finally get our say on the matter. Thankfully this should then stop the discussion of whether we are in or out. I hope both sides camapigns strongly and get their points out and then people can make an informed choice and then whatever the result that is the result, we have to love with it. I hope who ever loses we don't get what we have from the Scottish lot who lost their referendum but now want another go. The people of Scotland voted - live with it.

I guess UKIP will be feeling hopeful for the local elections throughout the Country as the EU referendum is a few weeks after the local elections and I would guess they will be campaigning on those grounds in the local elections, when we have that referendum after.

Either way that should be an interesting debate and let's see what comes of it.

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