Sunday, 14 February 2016

The week that ended.....14 Feb'16

So bit of a quiet week. Last Sunday Jamie Oliver warned the Conservative Government and David Cameron that unless they did a sugar tax on fizzy pop then he would go ninja on them. As I don't drink tea and coffee I am partial to the odd can of pop but I am not having Jamie going Ninja on me so for Lent I have decided to give up fizzy pop. For the last few years I have given things up and then once I get to Easter I don't pick them up again. So could be a good thing, but let's see how we go.

With Lent comes Pancake day before it so I hope you all had some good pancakes.

The Tories seem to be wanting to give everything up and this week learnt that the Tories are giving Prisoner Governors control to run their own budget. Also Regional School Commissioners are on their way. Trust me this is a step to privatising schools. At the moment schools are under the control of local authorities unless they have become an academy. The Tories are pushing this more and more and that is one reason Standish High say they are doing this now before the Regional School Governor comes in and forces them with a school they don't want. This can't be a good thing for children's education.

On Standish High many residents have said that they have heard a Labour Cllr saying that Aspull kids will get preference treatment over children in Standish for Standish High. This Labour Cllr is Labour Cllr Hilton and I wrote to the Council about this and they have confirmed to me that this is not the case. I guess Labour will have some complaints soon as when Standish High is full from all the extra houses children the children from out of Standish will have to go elsewhere.

So after the Labour leaflet I wrote about last week we have had the Tory leaflet out. All I can say from the response people have given to me about it I hope he keeps that standard up. Monumental fail and I guess that way people are now calling him ranting Ray. Didn't take them long to suss him out.

As for some work we have been doing we are organising some more consultation on what the people of Standish want in terms of Standish High becoming an academy with a school from Chorley.

Let's see what people want with that important matter.

Many people are concerned that the Crown pub has put in a planning application to demolish it for yet more houses. I have already written to the council and called this decision before the planning committee to decide. This shouldn't be allowed to happen.

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