Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thank you Leigh Resident

So after my comments about the land the council sold for £1 and the blog post which I had previously written a few weeks before sent things to a crazy level. That blog post got over 2000 hits in 24 hours. Wow. That was either a lot of people reading the blog post or someone trying to do a cyber attack to stop this blog. Sounds a bit weird but trust me certain organisations don't like this blog, including Wigan Council, who have written to me and asked me to stop doing it. D'er. Why would I do that?

Anyway I would like to thank all the contact via social media, email and phone. Also I like to thank "Leigh Resident." You know who you are. I don't - but you do. You very kindly sent the paper article from the Leigh Reporter and also wrote some very kind words so thank you for the article and the kinds words. As for your ending on keep up the good work. I plan to do just that. :-)

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