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The week that ended the.......07 Feb '16

Smokin' wow there's an election a coming, and not just in the USA as well :-) ? But we will get on to all of this in a min.

Residents Meeting that they didn't want you to know about

So Monday was Wigan Council's meeting that they didn't want people to know. It's always amazes me that, not just in Standish, any consultations, they don't want people to find out things. Anyway last week we had the deal meeting where the Council basically said they want residents to do their jobs for them for free but still want the residents to pay higher taxes, although the Council's literature says they will freeze it. Don't complain it's just another Broken promise by the council. You have to admire their consistency :-) .  The meeting was a planning questions session to planners at the Council. So they held it at 4.30 - 6.30pm so people would be at work or on their way home and won't be able to go.

I popped along and they always say a week is a long time in politics. Last week at the Deal meeting the Chief Executive said publicly getting a car park for Standish is going to be a priority for them. Interesting as one of the planners, when asked about this, said the Council will not be providing a car park for residents and they will either have to learn to walk or cycle. Failing that they will have to get used to be stuck in traffic jams and not be able to park. Also we shouldn't complain because it will mean we become like other areas. Shocking absolutely shocking. What makes it worse the so called proclaimed residents group Standish Forum, which is chaired by the Tory Candidate, has the same view. Their committee member Graham Wilcock said that residents in Standish were lazy and they agreed with the Council - no car park. Shocking. Interesting how in public these people say one thing but privately they have no, absolutely, no commitment to trying to help people. It's their view or nothing.

One resident complained that the planning applications are now only online and there are no paper copies in the Library. These are hard to read when the applications are so big and have so much details on them. They asked if the planning applications can be left in the library as a paper copy? Answer No! So much for Wigan Council listening to residents.

Standish High

It was announced that Parents of Standish High are going to be consulted on the school becoming an academy with a Southlands school in Chorley. Now as we all know from kids schools have a reputations and we carry that with us. Southlands school in Chorley was never as I remembered being a high performance school.  I am unsure if this has changed but being linked with a school in Lancashire it is clear the school wants to get away from Wigan Council's control, can't blame them, but the school will need to spell out the benefits before parents consider this. It is not only the parents now but people who have children at primary school who will be effected more.


OK so I asked at the beginning of this post is an election coming? Many will have seen the Labour leaflet they put out last week calling me. nothing new there. I always say that if you put your head above the parapet you are going to get shot. Stand on it like me and you are going to get blasted, which I don't mind. However, when Labour, or anyone else for that matter, comes and makes libelous lies about me I will not take that and nor should anyone. With that being the issue I have taken the highly unusual step of instructing my solicitors to take legal action. They have now written to the Labour candidate and she knows what she has to do. Main thing is a public apology. Will she do it? I doubt it and then we move the action to the courts for them to decide,

What makes me smile a lot is how my enemy's spend so much of their time carrying out their evil and when it fails they try something else. Like trying to get to my friends, where I hang out and which people I talk too. Even run to my employer. Every time they fail and it just winds them up more. So with that I expect them to keep going and try other things. One time they even threatened to all turn up at my house to get me. No they never did - trolls never carry out their physical threats as they have no backbone or heart. they hide behind fake names but we know who they are. One even emailed and thanked me for the work I did and then went on his twitter calling me, That's right Mr Tyrer we know who you are Guzzies old boy. School report - must try harder :-) .

Also in America they are getting ready for Presidential Elections. For the Republicans everyone wanted to know would Trump run away with their nomination in Iowa Caucus? In the end he was beat Ted Cruz beat Trump and Marco Rubio came in a close third. So that is going to be a hot fight. For the Democrats everyone just presumed that Hilary Clinton would run away with that one and no one was really talking about that fight. However, she tied with Bernie Sanders and now everyone is thinking about that fight and that will hot up too. One thing that I thought was nice to see was Bernie was speaking at an event and when a man fainted Bernie rushed over to assist. He stopped his speaking and went to help. Now how many other candidates have done that? I strongly suspect they would have carried on and then let their people assist. Bernie put that gentleman first and good on him.

Wigan Council want you to forget Don't Blame the Council

In the media Wigan Council has said that people should forget about Don't Blame the Council and move on. But things have not changed at the council and people know this. It shameful that the Council wouldn't allow an independent investigation. Also people are saying had this been a large PLC company then the Chief Executive would have been sacked. But in Wigan Council they cover up and don't face responsibilities.


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