Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Labour Cllrs says Standish Children will have to go to Shevington High

In a bizarre statement Cllr Hilton is kicking off about the fact that Standish High will possibly become an Academy and he says that will stop the agreement that Wigan Council has with residents in Aspull over Standish Residents.

Labour Cllr Hilton says that when Aspull High School was closed then it was agreed that the children in Aspull wouldn't need to go to rose Bridge or another Secondary School but Standish High. He claims that this is in writing somewhere.

When asked some months ago about all the children that will move into the new houses that are coming to Standish I asked which school would the children go too? The answer was Standish but Cllr Hilton argued back saying that the Children in Aspull will have a higher ranking than the new houses and the children in the new houses will therefore have to go to Shevington High. Given that some of these houses are going around the school it is bizarre to even imagine that these children could touch Standish and then have to go to Shevington.

I have written to the Education Dept at the Council and asked if this is the case as I very much doubt it.

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