Sunday, 26 June 2016

Mandate must stand!

Now we know the outcome of the EU referendum is the Country getting silly? We know are seeing numerous petitions saying to have another referendum, call for another General Election and then get MP's elected who will ignore the vote and not start the Brexit process.

The first thing we need to do is recognise democracy! Whether people like the result or not there was a vote decided. Each vote counted as one vote and now when I hear the argument that younger people are upset that the older generations took us out. So what is that saying? That younger people's votes count for more than older people's vote? That is crazy. If the younger generation were not happy they should have been working to get their generation out and vote. For what ever reason they didn't.

The SNP are saying that now they have the vote they should have another referendum. Really? Did they not know that this referendum was on the cards because the Tory's always said that it was on the cards if they won power. On that basis they knew that there could be a change and they voted to stay in the UK.

David Cameron said he will stay on as the PM for the time and then get a new leader for the Tory's. Then that person will have to work the process for Brexit through. Some are calling for another General Election and that way they could change the PM again. That is crazy again!

No matter what people thoughts are on the vote or state of the parties the people have voted and decided and therefore the mandate has been given and now must happen otherwise when people don't get their own way a call for another vote will be called and we could keep going all day long. I mean what would happen if another referendum were called and it was still Brexit? Would the remain people want another vote?

The best thing that could happen is the 1922 committee in the Tory Party to set out the time frame for their new leader and move forward with it as quickly as possible. I also believe that Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove, Nigel Farage and also Gisela Stuart to be given leadership of the negotiations on Brexit. They are the ones that surely have the mandate to start the conversations with the EU. That will also help EU know that something is happening as they are keen to get rid of us very quickly before the whole EU project falls apart. From a negotiations stand point this has to be a good point to start with us getting a great deal for the UK.

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