Monday, 11 April 2016

Standish is closer to a new car park

So many have called for Standish to get a new Car Park. Local Businesses are upset that trade is being effected and shoppers are upset that cannot park and shop. So it is beneficial to everyone that we get this much needed car park.

We, Standish Independents', did a recent news letter and in there we talked about the parking issue and how we are working to get the issue resolved. Any way I am pleased to say that over the weekend I have had talks with a landowner that has some spare land in the centre of Standish that can hold approx 40 car parking spaces.

The Owners are a family and they have said they are happy to have talks with the council about them either purchasing or renting the land for a community car park. It is only right that the council and the land owners talk about this and agree terms but we are happy that we are pushing this forward and getting results.

Some people like having meeting and talking I like do and making it happen.

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