Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wigan Council back Labour in Local Elections - ILLEGALLY

I have often said that Wigan Council is biased towards Labour and their Cllrs and often their Chief executive says they are not.

Here we have overwhelming evidence of illegal practice that in this years' Local election Wigan Council are putting out Press Releases in support of Labour Cllrs and also getting photo opps with them too.

It is under English Law that as soon as an election is called Purdah Rules apply. These basically mean that Wigan Council has to be none bias and not show support in either way for or against Candidates.

As you can see from the news paper article this law is clearly being broken with a officer from the Council with a Labour Candidate and also press statement too.

We have reported the matter to the Police now as this is a criminal offence. Also we are calling for the sacking of the officer concerned as he is clearly backing a Labour Candidate. We are also calling for the sacking of the Press Officer that put out the press release and finally calling for Donna Hall to be removed as the Returning Officer as she is no longer able to be neutral.

We have reported the matter to the electoral commission and they will no doubt take issue with this matter and so they should as laws are there to be abided by.

What is also needed is the Local Election in Aspull to be stopped and a by election called and Wigan Council Chief Executive to apologise to ALL NON LABOUR candidates for this bias.

It is also shows that Wigan Courier does not abide by the rules and laws and shows their bias too.

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