Friday, 22 April 2016

Loss of Prince is a great loss

It was sad to hear that Prince had died. He was a music genius that is not often seen. We often get great artists, nands or songwriters but few are legends and seriously mega stars in their own right.

For me price was one of those. For those that know I went to the Leeds College of Music and studied Jazz, pop and contemporary music. So I studied many artist past and present.

We know the obvious songs that Prince made as a mega hits but he wrote for others too. One little known facts is that he was a huge Jazz fan and looked up to stars like miles Davis. In fact he even wrote a few songs for Miles Davis. Below is a clip of one of those songs that was originally called 17 but re-named Penetration and performed in Paris in 1991. Great track and performance and it is a shame that we didn't see them perform together.

His songs will go on and for decades to come he will be known for his music genius. Sad loss. RIP Prince.

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