Sunday, 10 April 2016

Wigan Council Chief Executive pesters Police

You can tell it's the election time. Every year the Council's Chief Executive gets on to the police and says go and get Fairhurst. Bless her she tries.

So this year just 2 days into the election period she pesters the police on a Saturday. And when I say the police I am talking the top brass on their day off, complaining that my advert doesn't have an imprint on. Most of you wouldn't know that on advert and other election material you need to put on who prints it and more importantly who is the promoter.

So because she is email and ringing the top brass of Wigan Police they say OK we'll go and see him. So they sent a DCI, that's right a DCI, out at 7 am on a Sunday Morning to check the my great trailer banner and as they knew already, it is legal and they were sorry to have come out but because of all the fuss she was causing to the top brass yesterday.

What this yet again demonstrates is that she is political biased and in an email she threats to remove the banner, even though it is legal. It also shows how petty she is and waste police time and your money. Fancy pestering the police top brass on their day off to send a DCI round at 7am on a Sunday - you could't make this up.

But to the public they will see her and this as wasting police time and political motivated and think she needs to get out more. As some one just said she needs to get her facts right before she runs to the Police. She even asked the police to seize it as evidence and take it down so no one else can see it. It will be making many trips around Standish.

The visit by the police as they returned this morning at around 10am to have a chat about it was jolly and plenty of laughs were had. Shame that Donna Hall doesn't believe that the Police have better things to do with their time, especially after all the hard cut backs that they have had to endure.

Anyway I guess they like my trailer. Should any one want to read more about how this woman even lied about being if a famous pop band on the BBC is here too.

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