Saturday, 23 April 2016

Standish High Consultation Results

So a few weeks ago I announced on this blog that Standish High was looking to merge with Southlands High School in Chorley.

Here are the results.

Standish High School is under Wigan Council's control. Do you want this to continue?

Yes 58%
No 25%
    Unsure 17%

Should Standish High become and Academy in any form?

Yes 34%
No 57%
Unsure 9%

If you believe that the school should become an Academy do you think it should be with a School in Chorley?

Yes 19%
No 66%
Unsure 16%

If you believe that the school should become an Academy with another school in Wigan Borough instead?

Yes 17%
No 57%
Unsure 27%

Do you think the Conservative's drive to make schools become Academies make children's education better?

Yes 24%
No 70%
Unsure 5%

As you can see it is clear parents and residents do not want to have Standish High to join Chorley School called Southlands. 

When you look at the results it is evident that some people may be more open to an academy either on it;s own or with another school in Wigan. Whilst this is not the most desired outcome it is the more desirable for residents and parents than a school outside of the Borough of Wigan.

I knew very little of these kinds of structures before this process but i have learnt more and it is a form of privatisation of education and head teachers and the board of these schools can earn vast about of money, which should be a bad things in itself but it shouldn't be the driving force that seem to be clear.

Whilst I am no socialist in any form i do believe that some things should be run by the state and Defence, Health and Education are ones that should be run by National and Local Governments.

I will be sending these results to the board of governors and it is good to see, as you don't see it often, that the Labour Candidate has agreed with me on this matter too. Let's hope the Council uses it's influence and governors see sense and do not rush into this and hold back and look at this a bit more. 

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