Tuesday, 26 April 2016

More turned off from the Major Parties.

With the Local Elections just over a week away now, candidates campaigns are entering their last stages - that is if they have done one! One thing for me on this campaign is that people are increasingly turned off from the major parties.

This is something that the 2 Main Parties candidates must have come across themselves on their campaign trails, as the Labour Candidate has begged people on social media not to not vote for her because of Jeremy Corbyn. The Tory Candidate has also done the same on his leaflet, saying don't punish him for being a Tory candidate and he is just for Standish. If this were true he would have entered the elections as an independent.

To be fair that is one of the reasons that we, the Standish Independents, are about, and that is representing Standish and it seems that the 2 main political party's candidate are now asking people not to look at who they are standing for - which is ridiculous because of course people will look at the ticket they are under.

The Tory Cuts are going to far and their policies are damaging to people's health and education. This is becoming more and more apparent and people are seeing it. The wealthy people are getting richer and the normal man getting poorer. The pay gap between normal workers and the rich is so disproportionate it is untrue.

Normally Labour would have been able to use this and hit harder against this but under the leader of Jeremy Corbyn it is not a case of their is no knock out blow but there is no blow what's so ever. With people I believe they will either not turn out to vote, more on that in a minute, or will vote for small parties or independents like myself.

Elections are normally quite - how can I say - more lively, but this election seems almost flat. This is something that Journalists and other candidates have said. Labour has only put out 1 leaflet. I believe this is because if the mood is flat then Labour hope that no one will punish them for their leader and they will just turn out to vote as normal and not think too much about the choices available. I have seen this strategy before.

The only real spice as one journalist said was the Labour and tory Candidates running to the police to object to my trailer. It goes to show that they offer not only little but nothing. The Tory candidate has put out some kind of campaign - all be it negative, lies and evil. Labour candidate has done nothing, well apart from start a blog. wonder where she got that idea from :-) .

Our last stage of the election will be a big one as normal and probably bigger. The amount of support that we are getting via email, social media and on the doorsteps is incredible and rather just sit back and think this is OK we use that to fuel us to keep driving forward and harder.

Thank you for the support so far but we will be campaigning right till the end as we do not take your vote and support for granted.

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