Sunday, 22 May 2016

Update after Election

So it is now a complete of weeks after the last Local Elections and things are settling down. Some people have commented that I have been quiet and opponents having their like digs, which is fine. Others that know me knew that I would be be doing something.

Opponents and local rag have made comments too about me leaving before the vote was declared, which is their chose.

So you never know if you will win in an election but you know certain things. When the ballot boxes were being opened, especially the postal box things were very clear that there was something wrong.

When the numbers were there are there about I immediately left because I wanted to do something. Copy every page of a certain hate Facebook site before the Conservative Candidate delete it or closed it down.

The following day I spoke with a top London Solicitor to discuss the possibility of challenging the election result. Not because I didn't win - as that is no reason but on the grounds that criminal acts took place during the election.

If you speak with top Lawyers that specialise in this area they more often that not just dismiss you at the first phone, I would imagine. However, the lawyer was keen to see a taste of the post that I was mentioning to him. After an initial look over the weekend he came back the following week and said OK we needed to get everything to him. Everything? I did all 350 pages of evidence. Then going back and forth answering the lawyer questions and issue he finally sent me his assessment on Friday afternoon about the merits of challenging the election.

In his assessment he starts with the fact that challenging elections are difficult and complicated. However, after seeing all the evidence and discussing all of them over the last 2 weeks he feels that it is a very strong case now to challenge the Standish with Langtree Ward result as in his professional opinion the Conservative Candidate has broken election laws numerous times. Normally if someone does challenge an election result then it will be over just one issue. With this case we have more than what is needed. In fact he said lets cut down the ones that are not as strong as others and concentrate on 3 or 4 very strong issues where we can demonstrate where the Conservative Candidate has broken the law.

We now have till Friday to lodge a petition to challenge the Election result. If a petition to void an election result is successful then a by election is called and the winning candidate that broke the law will be excluded from the re-run.

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