Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dodgy Ray digs the hole deeper.

So I wrote after the last local election about how the Tory Cllr Ray Whittingham was dodgy and how his campaign was paid for a developer and then he went straight on to the planning committee. Well a number of residents have commented have said how fishy this smells.

So I reported the matter to Wigan Council. Here is the original story. So the Council said they carried out a so called investigation. I say so called because it was either a cover up to help him or because they are incompetence to carry out anything proper.

They said that Dodgy Ray told them that the developer didn't pay him but the local Conservative Party and then they paid his election expenses. Wrong! How can I say this because I have checked the Electoral Commission website and looked at if the developer gave money to the local Conservatives and guess what? He didn't! That or they have not declared it to them which would bring their accounts into question. Mind you with his dodgy son as his agent and is an accountant too that wouldn't surprise me. So rather than just coming clean when they were caught out they have lied to try and cover their dodgy matter up and got caught again!!!

It is simply now that an independent investigator needs to take over the investigation. I have now written to the Council to demand this. If they do not then I will report this to the local ombudsman to look at the matter.

One serious thing that has occurred as well as something dodgy is because I raised the matter and informed the Council, they - the Council, didn't want to put two planning matters for Standish before the committee as this could have serious consequences for them. I have now learnt that the developer has put the applications before the Tory's Planning Inspector to hear. The probability is he will pass them and then that really will keep the flood gates open for Standish as I hear that there are a number of developers waiting for the outcome of those hearing.

Here you can see why the Corruption of this Tory Cllr in Standish has now cost people of Standish as well as him gaining himself financially.

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