Sunday, 12 August 2012

The week that ended.......... 12 Aug 12

Well the week is not over by a long shot. I have just nipped back to have some breakfast between delivering leaflets. The responses have been great and it look likes the meeting will be well attended tomorrow.

The leaflet and some posters say the meeting is at the Unity Club  but due to the club doing a double booking we have had to move it to the Methodist church on High Street. I thank the church for helping out at short notice.

In terms of Council work Council officers, including the Chief Executive have said no to a meeting with me. What these pen pushers civil servants don't realise is that  they work for us, Councillors, who in tern work for you the public and they are at the bottom of the pile and not the top. What is interesting it is not just me but other Cllrs of other opposition too that are being subjected to this treatment.

Yesterdays surgery was another busy one with me having to extend the surgery again by half an hour so I could deal with everyone.
Next week is looking increasingly busier with numerous meetings including the public one on Monday night  plus a Council meeting on Wednesday night. Along with these I have two meetings with some residents and groups as well.

O well I have eaten my breakfast now and going back out to deliver some more leaflets.

Bye for now and hope to see as many of you tomorrow night.

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