Friday, 15 April 2011

Hole appears in Accounts

At last night Shevington Parish meeting iot came apparent that there is a whole of at least £5000 in last years account. Whilst the accounts for last years were meant to be signed off last night this was not possible as I walked out of the meeting which left only two others as one other had left previous due to be challenging this black hole in the accounts. With only two Cllrs left they were not quorate so would not been able to do any more business. With just days into the new financial year if this is how the Parish Council deals with its finances no wonder they get left in the mess that they did and have to raise the precept by over 46^ last year. It is time this un-elected quango was judged and if we get control of the Parish Council we will let the residents of Shevington do this by having a referendum.

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