Thursday, 28 April 2011

This is what Labour Cllrs do on the Parish Council.

This is an email that was sent round from one of the sitting Cllrs to all others cllrs. You can see that she does not have a clue but more importantly she admits that she did not have a clue in the budget meeting on figures.

"Hello All

I have looked again at the precept notice and am asking you if you feel able to support me in submitting this version. I have explained to the Clerk that I am asking for your support in this. Otherwise we can go ahead with the one approved at the meeting. It was difficult to adjust it in mid meeting. I think this one although it doesn't use the word apologise conveys the idea in the text it need to get the go ahead this week so we cannot wait until the PC meeting. "

and this lady wants to be re elected How can see represent you when she does not understand the budget that she votes on.

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