Monday, 2 May 2011

Labour Lies - Facts Matter

Well the Labour pro Parish Council machine has been out distributing their labour lies to try and scare the public to save the Parish Council and their many leaflets they say

1/ If we win there Will be a referendum n about 2 to 3 years. - Wrong f elected and we take control there will be a referendum called within weeks of being elected. And weeks mean just a few i.e 4 would be the most but very likely we would have ordered t before then.

2/ They say we want to abolish the Parish Council. - Wrong. We aim to let the local residents have a free choice whether they want to have a Parish Council or not. It will not be up to us but the residents that pay the extra tax.

3/ They say am anti notice board in Shevngton Moor when I gave them in Swinley Ward. This is true but the consistency is the people of Swinley wanted the notice board. The residents do not want one.

4/ Every one of these so called independent and so called non political candidates are all party of the Labour Party or have vested interested in the Parish Council continuing as they get huge sums of money from the PC. For Example John Ball who was a Labour candidate on Wigan Council and runs the youth club. He wants another £5000 from your money quickly before the Election. So does his mate Ira Whiteley is pout of her mind that now finally the day his here and she will lose her money from the Youth Club. But yet she spends most of her time in Uganda.

These acts are just mad desperate attempts to try and get some votes. Join the thousands of Shevington Residents that are calling for a referendum. This is the first time in over 2 decades that you have had a choice as this quango.

Vote for your three Shevington Independents candidates and get a choice on whether you want to keep this quango or not. We are the only party that will allow this the others want your money from themselves and their pet projects.

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