Friday, 6 February 2015

Labour cancel Public inquiry as they are scared!!!!

We have had communication that the Labour Control Council have scrapped the public hearing for Ashfield because they do not want any controversial issues before the election. What they do ask is that we move it to either the week after the election or the week after that.

The issue is political meddling from Labour and who they and the Council hierarchy are trying to make the best chance for Labour as possible. However, it is very short sighted. Why? Here's why

If Ashfield Public Inquiry goes ahead between the dates of 21 - 24 April that finishes aprox 2 weeks prior to the election and therefore would allow all other issues to be focused on. There could not be any campaigning for any candidate for the 2 weeks before the election because everything that could have been done would have been and it would be a case waiting for the inspector's report to be published. This would come after the election anyway so again that would not have any bearing on the result.

Now by moving the hearing allows us to say send a clear message to the inspector and vote for our official Save Ashfield candidate, as we are the only party trying to save Ashfield. People would be able to vote for Ashfield because the issue would be prior to the hearing.

Also the dates of 21-24 were agreed by myself, the Council and the inspector and now Labour have told their puppets in the top jobs of the Council to tell everyone to cancel it. Political meddling should not be allowed as the public as waited long enough for this hearing.

Ashfield, for us, was never a political issue but the right issue and that is why it should have been heard at the earliest opportunity, which was the 21-24 April 2015. However, we have now been in touch with the inspector and written to him in the strongest of terms asking for the original dates to be brought back. We are also liaising with a lawyer on the matter and if we can take the matter to court to have them impose the dates. Along with this we are consulting with the open spaces society on this important matter for Standish.

This is not an isolated case and next week we will be exposing more fiddling by the Council to hide bad news till after the election.

Voting for the Standish Independent Candidate is the only way to get rid of these corrupt officer, who are held bent on helping Labour at any cost.

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  1. wigan council are Huge disgrace! in Every aspect...


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