Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Save Ashfield Witness Statements

With a public inquiry approaching shortly it is important that we now start to prepare for that 4 day inquiry. We have to do this in a number of ways and there are a number of different areas we need to review and prepare.

One part of the inquiry is that we have to show, demonstrate and evidence how we as a community has used the park and fields. This will be crucial. There are a number of different ways to do this and at the beginning of the campaign we decided on one particular way. The easiest and most consistent way to do this is witness statements. Because we are a member of the open spaces society we discussed this with them and we decided to use their form that they have prepared.

Here is a clip about this.

We have had a tremendous response with approx 200 forms already completed and returned but are we missing something? Yes your voice. We need as many of these witness statements completed and returned.

Here is a link to down load the form here. It takes just about 10 minutes to complete and once you have completed these return to

31 Littleton Grove

It is important to recognise that if there are more than one person in the house each person can complete their own form and return it. It is not one form per house hold, the more the matter and if you want to get your children to complete one they too can do one of these forms.

So come on why not take 10 mins out to try and Save Ashfield.

The closing date to get these to us is the 14 March 2015 so please act now.


  1. I'm a little concerned and even worried Gareth, your FB says "000s" that is thousands of witnes statemants but here it say only 200
    Do we need to get the number up to thousands to block this ?

  2. The FB page is incorrect and we have aprox 200. We don't need to have 000's to win. We are asking for more just so we have a stronger case.
    Thanks for bringing the FB page to my attention and I will get it corrected.


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