Sunday, 8 February 2015

Is there a debate to be had to vote for an independent MP at this years' General Election?

On 7th May 2015 along with the usual ballot paper for the candidate who you want to be your local Councillor you will also get an additional paper for who you want to be your MP. Traditionally in General Elections people vote for the political party that they want in power, however with this years polls suggesting it being 50/50 between a Labour or Conservative controlled coalition government then is there a strong argument to vote and have an independent MP in Wigan?

The debate is if you have a Labour MP then Labour does very little for Wigan because it is historic a Labour strong hold and they don't care for people in Wigan, because they take them for granted. However, if an independent MP was elected then if it went to the wire then Wigan's Independent MP would be targeted by both Labour and the Conservative asking for them to vote for them. That way that Independent would be able to get the best deal for Wigan and the people of Wigan in return for their vote. Interesting!

Also the Tory Peer, Lord Ashcroft has suggested it is time to vote strategically saying it is time to vote for not who you want but who you don't want. Given the Tories have never won in Wigan for decades then it is fair to say any one that votes Tory in Wigan wastes their vote. Given the unpopular Lib Dems at the present time it would not them that people vote for.

That leaves UKIP. Given that they are just like the main political parties and just in it for themselves and they have NEVER beaten Labour in Wigan even in by elections. Givent their leader has never been to Wigan would suggest that UKIP are not bothered about Wigan,

So the debate and question is it time to break the mould in Wigan and vote for an Independent?

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