Thursday, 12 February 2015

Standish left with No PCSO's

It has come to our attention that Standish has been left with no PCSO cover, whilst other areas bask with PCSO Standish remains with none. Normally Standish has one Police Officer, which we still have and they do a more specific role and not on the traditional beat, and then we have 2 PCSO's . Currently one of them is injured and currently off work and we wish them a speedy recovery, which is expected to be in a 3 to 4 week period. The other PCSO has had some great news of being pregnant and the force rule means they are now office based.

Swinley and Whitley has 2 PCSO's, Scholes  also has 2. These PCSO's are all in the Wigan Central Ward and are an addition to the 4 that cover the Town Centre.

What is frustrating is that when other areas go down a man/ woman they take one off our PCSO's like they did recently but we never get the favour returned in Standish. Today we made representation to Wigan Police on the matter and said we can't understand why we can't have one of the PCSO's from Whitley/ Swinley. Surely that is not a high crime hot spot. We were told this request would probably not happen and yet again the residents of Standish pay more and get less. With growing crimes with little or no cover the situation will get worse and it is always easier to stop issues before they grow out of control.

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