Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wigan Central By Election update

Wigan Council voted last Wednesday not to extend Henry Cadman sick leave any longer, after doing this in July of last year.

What was going to happen Wigan Council was going to cause a casual vacancy on Friday and that would create a by election however last night Henry Cadman resign his position as Cllr so now it needs two people from Wigan Central to go to the Town Hall to call the by election.

Labour has obviously been planning this for some time as they have their candidate in place and Labour selection process is quote long so they have had this planned since last year.

I would hope that the election can happen on the same day as the local election as that makes sense but I doubt this will happen. The Tories candidate is going to be the same guy from last year.

Just taken a call from a resident who has pledged their support and offered help, which is gratefully received.

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  1. Had a message from David and he did not leave his email address. If you get this message David I do remember meeting you lasdt year and if you forward over to me your email address I can give you my thoughts on the issue you raised. Thanks for the kind words of support too. Email me at, cheers.


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