Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why do politicians lie?

Regardless of the national party when people say that politicians are all the same and say one thing to get in and then another once in power is getting truer by the day.

We all know about the lib dems and their promise to about tuition fees and the the Torys promised to put in a fuel tax system in place to stop fuel prices going higher and higher. Now David Cameron says that it is to complicating to do. Did he not realise this when in opposition? Why say something if he a) did not mean it or b) he did not realise what he was saying and how he could do it. If it is b then we need to worry.

If it was a wish on some kind of wish list tell people he will try to resolve the issue and ideas that he will explore.

And before Labour start rejoicing at the Torys downfall on this issue, they are just as bad and now in opposition will say anything to get back in but will not say how they will do it.

No wonder there are vast numbers of people that do not vote.


  1. Just like you eh. lol

  2. Lol...well I didn't see this coming.

    No everything I have promised that I will do, I have done. Everything I have said I will try to do, I have tried.

  3. Why don't you tell people why you were kicked out of the Conservative party?

  4. I think you've got a stalker Gareth.

  5. I think you'll find I was not kicked out of the Conservative Party. Time line is, May 2008 I, with three others, left and an email was sent to say we quit. It was reported in the press that we quit. Wigan Council were told we quit and a new group formed. Then 6 mths later in Nov 2008 the Conservatives had a meeting to kick us out and then they put a press release out to such effect.

    I liked what one resident put out on the website at that time bit to late to shut the stable door when the horse as bolted.

  6. So you were kicked out in Nov 2008 but didn't say so in your election leaflet last year. Is that not lying?

  7. I thought it was an easy post to follow. If some ones leaves then they have lefy, gone. So how can you kick them out, unless your think?

  8. I wonder who this could I don't know.


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