Sunday, 23 January 2011

This is one of those vans that opens the back window/ doors to catch people speeding. It is from a private company called Drive Safe. But yet they seem to be breaking the law themselves by parking in a dangerous position. They are covering the letter S and part covering the L letter in the word Slow in the road, there are Chevron's making the road narrower and most of all parking on the pavement. Whilst I was taking this picture they came out and confronted me very confrontational. When I pointed out that they are parking on the road, he said that he was, " I only nicked about 18 inches - two foot of the footpath." O well that makes it ok then...not.
I will be passing this picture over to the police for their comments. I wonder if they are going to prosecute them. What was interesting whilst the man got out of the van to confront me there was a lady in the van and I guess she rang the police as a police BMW car turned up. Just as it was pulling up it turned round and speed away with the lights flashing. I wonder if they had stopped would they have issued this van with a ticket? I am not sure if the police car was from Greater Manchester or Lancashire but it would have been interesting to see what they would have said.
This picture was taken on Pepper Lane, Standish on Sunday 23 January @ 16. 10. The date and time is wrong on the picture as it was taken with my son's camera and he has not set the time.


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