Friday, 4 February 2011

UKIP to stand in the Wigan Central By-Election

So the nominations closed today at noon for the the Wigan Central By election. I put my papers in yesterday morning and I believe that Keith Jones is standing for the ukip party again.

This is not the first time Keith has stood in a by election for Wigan Central as he was standing for the Tories in 2007 but pulled his nominations just hours before the deadline because he was disagreeing with the Conservative Leader Michael Winstanley and Henry Cadman.

He has since stood a numerous times for UKIP just gaining a handful of votes only but what worries me is that the last time I was talking to him he informed me that he was looking to emigrate, poss to the USA. So if he is elected will he resign the office of Councillor for Wigan Central or will he do what former lib dem Cllr Philip Thompson do and that was moved to the usa and was contactable by email. Either way if he is still looking to move out there he can not serve the public just proving that voting is a waste and I guess that is why he only gets a handful of votes.

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