Saturday, 12 February 2011

Labour call their own work.

Labour has been out in Swinley area today - until they saw ourselves delivering our leaflets and then they quickly left. Any way as well as their main leaflet they put another leaflet saying, the pavements and potholes in the are are unacceptable. Well, it is Labour that run the Council and they are the ones that fund maintenance and approve or refuse maintenance work.

I guess what they are saying as we have not had a Labour Cllr in this area for years then we have left the area to rack and ruin. It goes to show what I have said for years Labour run the council just for their own and are not non political when it comes to the running of the Council

But for any resident in Swinley that think Labour will now be doing the maintenance of the potholes and pavements you are mistaken as Labour also say we can not promise to do the work. Another words they will be blaming the Tory Government soon, no doubt. When will Labour realise that just because they do not like the Government in power they must not play party politics with the residents of Wigan lives.

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