Friday, 11 February 2011

Policy Meeting ........What policy?

Last night was the policy meeting of Shevington Meeting. Not sure why they call it the policy meeting it has very little if non at all of policy just what ever they wanted to discuss including financial applications, which surely would go into a financial meeting?

The Chair, well one of the chairman as there are two - more of that later is clearly inept of running a meeting. I have tried to complain now several times to him about the clerk and the behaviour that she says and displays towards myself. The clerk is only there as a supporting role and not as running the meeting that is meant to be the Chairman's role, if he was able to do it. But the clerk continues not to inform the meeting of fact and several times said, "In her opinion" well we do not want your opinion as it is not allowed just the facts and relevant reports, if she brings them to the meeting, as she conveniently forgets when it suits, in my opinion.

Two chairs - I have often thought the the Parish Council only gave the position to Cllr John Ball for name sake but it is clearly being run from behind the scene by Cllr Barry King. Cllr King even gave the Chairman's his permission to move items on the agenda last night. Just goes to show Labour continue to do their old tricks.

As for the Parish Precept there was a draft letter that was shown to us last night and I was able to change significant information and also remove Labour Lies. What the Chairman would not allow or discuss was the fact that certain PC Cllrs agreed more with me this week in emails about the level of precept and there was moves to change the precept to a lower amount close to mine. I did say that this was unheard of changing a precept once agreed but I would support a change to a figure to mine but behind the scenes it seems that the real chair Cllr King blocked this move. Can not wait for the elections to out this person for what he really is.

Also the PC agreed tried to do a move in private and confidential move under contractors issues and I was disgusted with what I was hearing and said that I would not have anything to do with it and I would report it. All of a sudden a certain Cllr said they were not going to take part if being threatened and then the cards fell.

This kind of behaviour demonstrates the disgraceful way this PC is runs and I have had many emails to say the PC is changing and the Chair in Name Cllr Ball said last night the PC is not changing until after the elections. Well they will change then!

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