Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Labour Lies......again.

In the by election the Labour Party has put out their first leaflet. And whilst it is attacking the Tory/ Lib Dem government they seem to mislead and even lie to you the public. This election is not about national cuts that is why we have general elections.
Who are proposing to close library's throughout the borough - Labour Council.

Labour also says that the financial mess is all down to the bankers - partly true. On the 28th October the FSA as we know it was born. This was under a LABOUR Government. These were the people who were meant to protect the public and not let the bankers run away with it. But they failed. The FSA allowed big banks to give up to 5 times joint salary's meaning that the public were being financially stretched and then the public were allowed to buy their houses with 125% of the value of their houses. This should never have been allowed as disaster was written all over the place but LBOUR LET THE BANKERS GET AWAY WITH IT.

Labour says that Henry resign due to ill health. He has to as LABOUR pull the plug on him they had the power to keep him in for a few more months so that we could have had the by election and the local elections in May on the same day. This would have saved you over £10 000. Why did Labour force this by election? Because they want to see what will happen in May and if they can blame the government and the public blames the Tories and not Labour as after all it was under Labour that got us into this mess.

How does this Labour Leaflet show if they vote this person in as their LOCAL councillor what he will do locally? Simple answer - it does not!

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