Saturday, 26 February 2011

Support is growing.

With the teams being out today delivering the majority of the main leaflets in various areas around the ward it is so encouraging to hear some really good comments about the first leaflet and this one too.

Whilst, I will not get complacent, it is encouraging to hear from you about the issues that I have raised and the work I have already ready done. I have responded to most of the people who have emailed me and I have spoken to everyone who has rangme and I promise to get to all those that have kindly written to me as well. The only way we can all make a difference is voting for Gareth Fairhurst next Thursday.

If any of you do want to contact me please contact me please do so.

With just under a week to go now some really encouraging signs and comments are coming forward so tell all your friends and neighbours and if any of you want to meet me please let me know too.

Thanks once again, this time next week we could have made the difference.

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