Tuesday, 1 March 2011

World phenomenon

It is interesting looking at the stats for this blog. Last Year pages looked at was about 1000 per month but since the start of the yr this has doubled in the first two months. This, I believe, is down to the by election and the Parish Council issues that have both been very prominent issues.

But what is interesting is that the people looking at the blog are not just in the UK but around world. The figures for pages looked at are
UK -1872
USA - 57
Netherlands - 31
Latvia - 27
Italy - 10
Germany - 6
Singapore - 6
Malaysia - 5
Russia - 5
Canada -3

What lead me to look at these figures because as well as getting the usual hate mail from Labour and Tory hacks I have started getting messages from people around the world and I thought I would confirm that people are looking at the blog around the world and the stats are the proof.

I thought I would share the figures with the people and show that they are not alone looking at the blog.

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