Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Labour try to give Peter Smith Freemon of the borough.

Labour are trying to give their Leader Cllr Peter Smith freedom of the borough, so I hear on the grapevine. If there is one person who should not be given this award is peter smith. Many will not know why he should or not but one good reason for me is he was the one that shut Mere Oaks and when the then Director of Education said that he wanted to keep it open he was told by Cllr Peter Smith that there was no way that it was being kept open as it would was to late and the Council would lose face if they did a u turn.

Giving Cllr Peter Smith this is liking the people of Libya giving Gaddafi the key to Tripoli.

He was the Greater Manchester Labour Leader pushing for congestion charges. It would be a disgrace if they gave it to him. He has killed of Wigan markets I would be very interested in any one who would say why he should get it because he has killed Wigan off. He has just pushed Labour Government policy through and got himself a peerage for it.

Say no to give Cllr Peter Smith.

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