Friday, 12 August 2011

Standish Conservative Cllr to stand down.

I hear that Conservative Councillor Judith Atherton will be standing down next May and not looking to seek re election. Her decision probably has something to do with a certain standards board decision that is due to come out very soon and the fact that the Conservatives did not win a seat last yr in Wigan.

I hear that Mike Winstanley will stand as the Conservative Candidate in Standish which is laughable as he was unsuccessful last year in Orrel at getting re elected even though he was the Major. If he thinks he has a better chance in Standish than what he did last year he is very much mistaken and just goes to sure that he is not interested in the people he represents but just getting back on the Council at any cost.

I was unsuccessful last yr but this year I re stood in the same ward. I wonder why Mike Winstanley will not stand against me in Wigan Central? Yet more proof that Mike Winstanley is only interested in himself and not others as he Even still goes to the Conservative Councillors meeting.

I hear that Judith is not the only candidate not looking for re election I hear that Conservative Councill Ell and Cllr Liptrot.

Cllr James Grundy will seek re election along with Cllr Clayton unless the Conservatives de select him as being rumoured due to his antics.

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