Thursday, 4 August 2011

Labour Councillor puts expenses claim in for the last 3 Year.

Cllr Fred Walker, Labour Councillor, on Wigan Council has put in a claim for the last 3 yrs. He said he did not intend to claim but felt that because he did not claim he put pressure on future and present cllrs not to claim. The expenses claim is a massive £20 000. This is excessive and should not be allowed. Councillors should not be able to claim retrospectively. This could now open the flood gates and cllrs that do not want to bring high attention to them in the run up to their re elections. Councillors could wait till wait till after they get re elected and then put in for the last few yrs. This is a crazy system and Cllrs should only be allowed to put in claims for their trips up to say a 6 week period after the trip. This gives them a lot of time to put in a claim.

Another problem is because it is the last 3 yrs all the money is coming out of one yrs account so that will have a knock on effect and yet another reason why it should not be allowed.

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