Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Labour Councillor no show - except in the local paper

I was wondering how long it would take the newly elected Labour Councillor to go into the press. And so he has now gone in saying he wants a new crossing on Parsons Walk. He says it is very dangerous crossing here and with the boys and girls Club coming to a crossing is needed even more. He firstly should be against this ridiculous idea of a boys and girls club. If this goes ahead I here that the PM David Cameron is opening it up. But yet the Tories say they are against the club but yet their leader is opening the club up.

But back to George I have been contacted now by two residents over issues that they have contacted him for help with and he has not even bothered to return phone calls and emails. This is just typical from George he will be in the paper over this and that but ask for help and he wouldn't do a thing.

Now I know some people might think that this post is being written in anger has he won, but its is not it just goes to show what type of person he is and I said this all along.

I wonder if the work that he does or not do will help the candidate next May at the next local election.


  1. Have they even checked he has a computer or council phone line connected? I doubt it.

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  3. Love this comment. Blame the residents! Typical want to be politician. Of course they checked the phone line, in fact in does not work but yet this number is published in borough life this month. And the email did not bounce back so he must have got it. I don't blame residents I blame the Councillors that do nothing for people like these. A simply response of I look into it would not have gone amiss if he could not resolve it.


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