Monday, 14 June 2010

Wigan Council and CCTV's

Wigan Borough is one that has a large number of CCTV in the borough. So much so that there has even been TV programmes made on this. But there is an increasing number of occasions where by the cameras pick crime up but because the imagoes are so bad in quality they either can't pick up faces or identify people are to poor to use in court.

This then begs the question if the Council spends a large number of its revenues on these things and they seem to be serving no purpose why continue with them. Either pay for something that can be used and get value for money or save the money and get more police on the street. There's a thought!


  1. I've commented so many times about the actual value of CCTV in terms of actually catching offenders. A young man was murdered in an alley on King Street many years ago but of course the images were of poor quality so the guilty persons were not brought to justice soon enough, and sadly so many similar offences happen too often where CCTV images are too blurred to catch the perpetrators sooner rather than later, if at all.

    The cameras on our motorways seem to be very clear and there's never a problem picking up registration numbers, so ... ?

    Good point!

  2. if thats the case why did you do nothing about them before the labour candidate took office

  3. In regard to the last comment I wonder who could have possibly left this!!!! I wonder.

    But if you have bothered to look into this you will have seen and found that I have commented on this several times in panel meetings and also the Full Council.

    This very issue came up after an incident inAshton and one of the local Councillors raised this at Full Council. And the comments I made the other day mirror what I said at that Full Council Meeting.


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