Thursday, 10 June 2010

When should there be By Elections?

An interesting issue is currently be discussed and that's when should there be by elections?

Currently Wigan Central has one of their Councillors ill. They have had a stroke at the beginning of March and since then resigned being the Mayor but did not as a Councillor, which was a clear sign that hopefully they were getting better and able to return in the near future. However, I have heard that he is now being transferred to a nursing home on Wigan Lane. Whilst I am sure all will hope he gets better soon the reality is that he has had his Council Phone returned to the Council. So that looks like a clear sign that he is unable to return to his duty's or wishes to step down, which both are a shame. But currently he still is receiving his full income, I presume, and now the Ward has only having two Councillors to contact.

At the next Council Meeting the Councillors will be discussing what to do with this seat whether to have a by election or to allow him to stay on till he is up for re election which is May 2012. If there is a realistic chance of coming back to his duty's fine but when it looks so clearly that they will not be able to and still allowed to get tax payers money for over 18 months it is simply ridiculous.

I hope Henry gets back soon but will be interesting to see which way the Councillors vote on the night.

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