Friday, 4 June 2010

Another Data Blunder

On the front page of this week's Wigan Observer the story is Wigan Council just throwing out people personal data in a unlocked bin. This was identified by a resident.

This is not the first time Wigan Council has lost data in recent years and one of the last times was where by 33 000 children's details were stolen because some one downloaded the information on the laptop and left it out at night.

Surely the Information Commissioner must be getting pretty sick of these blunders from the Council and I will be writing for to them saying how many times does this need to go on before some one takes action.

Why has not one been sacked or resigned over the matter. Had this been a private or plc company the chief executive would have gone no question. If the Chief Executive does not know or can not control this questions must be asked. Some one has to be accountable. I mention the Chief Executive as there seems to be blamed who does these problems, so some one must be accountable like I say.

Now if the Labour Cabinet keep getting these blunders and the Chief Executive are not to blame why are they not taking action top resolve these issues?

Heads must Roll!

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