Saturday, 28 November 2009

UKIP One issue Party

It has been reported today in the Times Newspaper today that UKIP offered the Conservative to disband if they called a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which in effect would have had to been about whether to stay in the EU or not.

What I think this shows is a number of things.

The first is that the UKIP Party only has one issue and that is the EU. It might not be a bad issue as I too believe that because of all the debate on Europe the people of the Country should have their opinion heard. This should be in the form of a referendum. But should a party be set up and run on a single issue?

Secondly it shows that, as for as I am aware, the UKIP party did not even ask its members first about should they offer this deal and possibly disband. Imagine had the Tory's done the deal and then the next morning you woke up and heard that the party that you were a member of was disbanding because they had done a deal with the Tories, I guess let down is just the start.

Finally, if a party is set up on one issue and they could be disbanded so easily why were they standing for seats in Local , General and European seats that would last for years. Again just image if you were voted in a UKIP MEP and they a month later they disbanded. Would that mean that the person voted in stood down? Would you think the person you elected had done a good job.

I think this demonstrates that there are differences between pressure groups , which are fine and Political Party.

So if you ever think about voting for UKIP think will they be here tomorrow as they have thought about disbanding so easily before.

The Times article is here:-

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