Friday, 4 December 2009

Boys and Girls Club Pre Determination?

It has been brought to my attention about what Mr Dave Whelan wrote in his book. This is what a number of residents have brought to my attention

"As i write were entering the planning stages, but crucially the local authority is already on board with the project. They've assigned a perfect piece of real estate in the centre of Wigan and more importantly agreed to co-fund the club. Bolton's club receives forty per cent of its income from the council; the rest it makes from the private sector in the form of donations,charges or charity work. That's exactly the split we've agreed with Wigan Council. "

They say the following

If that's not Pre-Determination on a Grand scale then i don't know what is. This statement was in print appox end of March beginning of June at the latest, it was made available to the public at the beginning of august. the first cabinet meeting that discussed the youth club was on 29/9/09......

This does put the Council into a bad light as they seem to be going about things the wrong way. I have spoken with a senior officer who says that what was written is not true from the Council's point of view and nothing has been decided. Now if that is what Mr Dave Whelan has written then why would he say this if if was not true? Or is the more from the Council or the leader of the Council that has not been disclosed.

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