Saturday, 19 December 2009

Fenced Off

The land at the side of yobs entering the embankment of the River Douglas the Cherry Gardens at the rear was the entrance for the River Douglas, where they would engage in anti social behaviour. This included drinking, urinating and shouting. The police would not enter the woods on the embankment as it was to dangerous for them and the youths. Residents have been fighting for this for two yrs and getting no where. A few months ago they asked myself to help and I went and did a site visit with them and agreed there and then it needed a fence. They said that would be great. Them police agreed that this would be a solution.

Two weeks ago the fence was installed and now in place so that the residents can enjoy a peaceful life now. I used my brighter borough money to fund this and this was used to pay for all of it.

One local resident said, " We know which councillors talk the talk and which walk the walk and we are grateful for all your help.

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